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Julia Zahra - Love Reaction (Official Music Video)
Julia Zahra

Julia Zahra - Love Reaction (Official Music Video)

The official video for Julia Zahra - Love Reaction Written and composed by Julia Zahra Produced by Ruben Steens Mixed by Friso Keunen Mastered by Pier-Durk Hogeterp Video directed and edited by Renée Meijer Grading by Märel Bijveld All rights reserved Zip Records and Julia Zahra Subscribe for more content from Julia Zahra: Follow Julia Zahra on: Instagram - Facebook - Love Reaction lyrics: Sometimes I think about this perfect world Where everybody listens to one another’s pain and hurt Where anybody could be everybody’s remedy Not just a painkiller or face-filler But a true love therapy Make way for a whole new kind of energy A high vibration That keeps a nation organized and unified Without anyone ever feeling like their supervised Sometimes I dance But I’m not a dancer I write songs and in my music Love’s the answer Enough love to feel you’re safe On all terms Not just when you behave Like an enslaved and captivated human brain Love enough to feel you’re free Free to be, free to live another day And see the beauty of our new reality If we could only move a little closer Not follow artificial instincts But truly think about the consequences of an isolated soul The fear that once seemed far away Nowadays, instead of us, he is in control Keeping us agitated, nauseated, angry and always creating distance Not just our bodies are 6 feet apart But a heart connection travels miles afar I wanna talk and find a real connection Look in your eyes and see my own reflection I wanna talk and find a real connection Together we create a love reaction Together we’ll create a love reaction
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