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The Rubbi Sound is driven by Ruben Steens. Ruben was born in 1998 and has been obsessed with film and music since childhood. At the age of 7 he started experimenting with writing poems and raps. Shortly afterwards, he was able to make use of a music production program, which gave him the opportunity to fully tap into his creativity at a young age. Piano lessons followed. From then on it’s been a steady stream of music making, which has become an integral part of his life to say the least. In 2017 he was accepted to the Conservatory in Rotterdam to study "Creative Producing". There, he developed as a producer, met new people, experimented with different genres and started collaborating with various songwriters and artists. Later he started producing for popular Dutch artists such as GIAN, Froukje, Lou and Julia Zahra.

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One of his biggest passions is his own Dutch Hip-Hop / Punk project called YoungRubbi, for which he writes and produces everything himself. Inspired by the early days of punk music and its raw aesthetic, he sings and raps about society and it’s problems. He incorporates poetry and visual art with his live performances, making them an unforgettable experience. Recently, Kristallen - his Ep & Short Film - was nominated by the Rotterdam Music Awards 2020 for best track..

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The Rubbi Sound was founded in 2019 as a music production company. Ruben's first real production job was to create a 5-minute composition and production along with an animated video projection that could be seen during the culture night in Breda. This was in collaboration with illustration and animation studio Hotmot on behalf of the municipality of Breda. The special flair found in his project YoungRubbi can also be seen is his much of his production work : “I often use my voice in productions, which gives the track a signature touch. No one can fake my voice! I also incorporate iPhone recordings as samples or effects to make it sound more rough”. Ruben is versatile when it comes to his line of work, from trailer music to producing commercial podcasts. The Rubbi Sound ; raw, unique and against the stream!

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